Overhead image of two tablets featuring two Squarespace website design projects

Squarespace Web Design

Squarespace setup and strategy for small businesses: the easiest website project you’ll ever meet.

Looking to help your small business stand out online with a new website, but don’t have a huge budget for a full-fledged design and development project? Afraid that not having a huge budget means that your budding (or established!) business will have to settle for a mediocre-at-best website—that you may even have to DIY? If the thought of setting up your own website and customizing a template makes you break out in a cold sweat, then you’re in the right place!

How a Squarespace website project works:

Step 1: Questionnaire

You tell me all about your biz, your audience, and what you need your website to DO for you.

Step 2: Homework

I’ll assign your homework, which includes gathering all content and images for the various pages of your site.

Step 3: Setup + Design

My favorite! This is where I translate your vision onto the page, using an existing Squarespace template.

Step 4: Launch

We go live! In fewer than 30 days you’ll be rocking a brand new web presence that is ready to work for you.

A beautiful new Squarespace website for your small business, including:


Including questionnaire and curated template selection

Page Setup

Including up to 8 unique web pages set up and styled

Design Customizations

Including adding in your logo, fonts, colors, and navigation


Including custom hero image design and curated photo recommendations

Contact, Social, and Tracking

Including contact form setup, social media integration, and Google Analytics installation


Including any necessary domain configurations and a custom training video

Ready to get started?

Squarespace web design projects start out at a flat fee of $2000 + Squarespace Fee. Looking for functionality not listed above, more pages, or know of a feature you need? Let me know! We can come up with a site package that accomplishes exactly what you’re looking for. Reach out here with the details and I will gladly provide you with a custom quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

If everything you’ve read so far sounds good to you, head on over to my contact form and shoot me a message. I can’t wait to hear from you!

A Squarespace website project starts out at a flat rate of $2000, depending on requirements and project complexity. I’m happy to learn more about your project and provide a formal quote, just fill out this quick form and I’ll be in touch!

For all projects, a 50% deposit is required prior to project commencement, with the balance being due upon project completion. I accept all major credit cards (processed securely through Freshbooks), and personal checks can be accepted with prior approval. We can chat about the specifics or alternate payment arrangements if you have any questions!

I take on a limited number of Squarespace projects each month so we can ensure a 30 day launch. We’ll select a start date prior to kicking things off that works with your schedule and allows the necessary time for content gathering and feedback to ensure we wrap up in the 30 day time frame.

The biggest thing I expect from clients is honest, timely feedback. I also expect that you’re hiring me because you truly believe I’m the best designer for the job, and so, while your feedback is paramount to a finished product you’re 100% happy with, I expect you’ll allow me the creative freedom to do my job to the best of my ability.

Yep! You won’t be locked into any sort of contract with me once we wrap up your project. You will, however, still pay Squarespace’s monthly or yearly subscription fee (paid directly to Squarespace).