Project Description

Tanny Raw Responsive WordPress Web Design Cleveland

Tanny Raw

WordPress Web Design & Development

The Client

Tanny Raw is a huge force in the High Carb Low Fat Raw Vegan community: not only does she practice the lifestyle herself, but even more powerfully she serves as a health and wellness coach, truly working to transform the lives of her many followers.

This project was done through collaboration with Sunbeam Communications, an amazing boutique marketing agency serving health and wellness clients throughout the country—I was extremely lucky to contribute as a web designer and developer to this extraordinary team for this project!

The Project

Tanny Raw’s website was well overdue for a total overhaul, her previous one light on information and functionality despite growing demands from her followers. The new website needed to accomplish a few goals: an easily updatable and user-friendly e-commerce solution, an emphasis on her Raw Reset program, and making sure that her many YouTube videos were embedded and easily accessible. The result is a colorful, cheerful site filled with information—just like Tanny herself!

Tanny Raw Responsive WordPress Web Design

Tanny Raw Responsive WordPress Web Design

Tanny Raw Responsive WordPress Web Design