Joe’s Express Cleaning is a family-owned and operated commercial cleaning company based in Cleveland, OH. Though they are family run, they still maintain a true seriousness about what they do, and they are strong competitors of industry leaders in the Cleveland-area. They are more than just a cleaning company: they are a family business that exudes professionalism and a serious passion for what they do.

Joe's Express Cleaning Cleveland Logo Design and Graphic Design

The Logo Design Process

The first step in the design process with Joe was having him fill out a quick logo design questionnaire. This ten or so question form covers finding design inspiration, must-use colors or design elements, taking a look at competitor logos, a little business background, and much more. While it can be a bit cumbersome to fill these out, I’ve found that it’s an excellent exercise for the client and it gives me a great starting point!

The next step in my logo design process was the sketching phase. Before I ever hit the computer, I rely on good old paper and pencil to get my creative juices flowing. About 40 scribbles and five good ideas later, and I’m ready to digitize!

The Completed Logo

Here’s a look at the finished product, to be used on a wide array of marketing materials: business cards, t-shirts, letterhead, and more.

Joe's Express Cleaning Cleveland Logo Design and Graphic Design

Here’s a very nice comment I received from Joe upon completion of his logo design project:

“You did a great job and I enjoyed working with you throughout this project. If I ever need any more work done, I will make sure I contact you. Hope you have a wonderful and successful 2014!”