Anyone who runs their own business is probably used to getting a lot of questions when it comes to their process, their knowledge, and their industry in general. Designers are no exception.

Today, I thought I’d try my best to answer a handful of FAQs I’ve received in the past, broken down into a few main categories: general questions about design and how my services work, graphic design/logo design, and web design/development. I hope this helps answer any burning questions you might have 🙂

Frequently Asked Design Questions


What is the value in hiring you versus DIYing?
I’d say, without a doubt, there are two major benefits to hiring a pro designer. First, you’re saving yourself on perhaps your most valuable resource: your time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a DIYer come to me after spending MONTHS trying to perfect their website or logo, but they just can’t seem to get it exactly right. Imagine where their time could have been better spent had they hired a designer from the beginning? Second, when you work with a pro you’re not just getting a pretty website or a well designed logo, you’re getting a whole lot of strategy, expertise, and experience. When you work with a pro in the design industry, you’ll end up with a functional website that works for your business or a brand that sums up your values and speaks to your target audience. This perspective is far more challenging to come up with on your own when you’re DIYing.

What types of clients do you typically work with?
The short answer? Anyone and everyone! I’ve worked with clients from all sorts of industries in the past: health and wellness, manufacturing, food, ecommerce—you name it.

The longer answer? I especially love working with passionate entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space, because it’s an area that I’m passionate in myself. I also love working and collaborating with other creatives—those projects always end up being the most fun for me because other creatives are usually down to totally push the envelope with their design.

How do you charge? Hourly? By the project?
Everything is charged by the project: whether you need a quick round of website edits or a logo designed, I always provide a flat fee quote for the project before we begin working together.

Will you do a quick mockup so I can see if you’d be a good fit for my project?
No. I don’t do spec work and I personally feel that this is unethical. If you’d like to see if we’d be a good fit, check out my portfolio. If you’re still unsure, let’s talk! I can talk you through my process, show off some additional examples that might be closer to your specific project/industry, and we can go from there.

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been working on my own since 2010 (with a few other full-time/part-time/contracting gigs thrown into the mix over the years). Hard to believe it’s been that long!

Graphic Design/Logo Design

How much does a [brochure, logo design, catalog design, insert item here] cost?
This depends on so many factors: what exactly it is you need designed (there’s so much variation from one graphic design project to the next), the turnaround time required, any help you might need with sourcing assets for your project, if you need help getting your project to the printer, etc. We’ll chat before your project kicks off and I’ll provide you with a custom quote.

How can I be sure I’ll like the design you come up with?
I certainly can’t guarantee that you’ll love my designs (but then again, are you guaranteed that you’ll love your meal when you go to a restaurant?), but that’s why we always chat before your project, that’s why I have you send me examples that you like, and that’s also why I build revisions into every project. If you’re not loving the first pass, there’s always a chance for feedback, changes, and pivoting if necessary.

How long does the average design take?
Graphic design pieces like postcards and brochures usually don’t take more than a week from start to finish. For more complex projects like branding packages, I like to allow up to six weeks to account for research, revisions, and finalization.

Do I own the final design?
Yep! You always own the final, selected design. I always retain the rights to any unused concepts.

Web Design/Development

How much do you charge for a website?
I promise I’m not trying to dodge the money questions! But the cost of a website really does depend on many different factors. A few of the biggies that will change a website’s price include the size (10 pages versus 40 pages), functionality (do you need registration, an event calendar, a forum?), and platform (WordPress? Squarespace? Shopify?).

What does your web design process look like?
I start out every website project with a questionnaire to help gather a bunch of the info I’ll need in order to dig in: I’ll ask about your target audience, what you want your website to do for you, your vision for the design, etc. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, we’ll slate a time for a pow-wow over the phone, where you can ask me anything and I’ll get clarification from you on any outstanding items from the questionnaire. Next, I’ll get to work on the initial design mockups and we’ll go through a few rounds of revisions. When the designs are looking near perfect, that’s when the website development begins, which includes rounds of feedback from you and also cross-browser testing. Finally, we launch and celebrate your new web presence!

How long does it take to create a website?
I always allow for 6–8 weeks for website projects. Things can certainly move faster depending on feedback, but I find most projects do take the full 6–8 week timeframe (because life always seems to, understandably, happen).

I need a website next week. Is this possible?
If you need a site next week, I’m probably not the gal for the job! But you can always feel free to ask and I’ll either point you in the right direction of someone (or a resource) that might be able to help. Or, depending on the simplicity of the project and my current schedule, I might be able to swing it. It definitely never hurts to ask!