Wondering if you really need a graphic designer for your small business? In the days of programs like Canva, DIY design can be easier than ever, and it can be tempting to forgo hiring a pro designer for things like social media graphics, business cards and other print materials.

Do you really need a graphic designer?

So do you really need a graphic designer these days? I still think so. Here are a few reasons why:

You’ll save time

Is it worth cramming graphic design into your already packed list of to-dos? For some small business owners just starting out, they might not have a choice. But if you have a small budget, even outsourcing the most critical or time consuming things (like business cards or print brochures) can be a huge time saver.

You’ll look like a pro

Without having the necessary skills and expertise in design, it’s hard to be consistent and create cohesive designs that look polished and professional. When you work with a graphic designer, it’s their job to maintain consistency from design to design, so everything—from your PowerPoint presentations to your social media graphics—will look like a matching part of your brand.

Your vision will come to life

It’s tough to achieve exactly what you might be imagining on a design project when you’re not actually a designer. You may be able to get things close, but you’ll usually find there are obstacles to getting your graphics just right. But that’s not the case when you hire a graphic designer: they’re job is to listen to your ideas and figure out the best way to creatively execute them, bringing your vision to life in a way you probably couldn’t have imagined.

Your design materials will be memorable

Using premade templates is a great way to get designs out the door quickly if you’re a DIY-er, but these stock graphics are often basic and not customized for your business, making them easily forgettable. On the other hand, custom designs that speak to your business’ customers that are visually distinct help to sear the memory of your brand into the minds of those following you.

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