Almanac Organics Cleveland Logo Design and Graphic Design

A little about the client

Liz of Almanac Organics is someone I’ve known for awhile now through a series of fun projects we’ve collaborated on in the past. So, when she came to me seeking a logo design for her newest endeavor, Almanac Organics—a skincare company committed to providing honest, effective products and giving back—I was of course totally on board!

About the project

I started off the Almanac Organics logo by taking Liz through my design questionnaire, gathering information about her target audience, the “vibe” she had in mind for her brand, the colors she wanted to use, and more. Once I had enough background, I started sketching out some initial concepts to get my ideas flowing. When I had more than a few ideas on paper, I moved into the digital space, creating the first draft of concepts in Illustrator. I presented Liz with the first drafts and then we went back and forth through several rounds of revisions until we landed on the finished product!

The finished product

Below is a quick peek at the finished logo design!

Almanac Organics Cleveland Logo Design and Graphic Design