Google Web Fonts are super simple for web designers and developers to use (check out instructions here), but they’re an option I used to completely overlook, brushing them off as mediocre in comparison to my loves Helvetica, Futura, and Clarendon.

After thoroughly checking out the available Google Web Font options though, I have to admit: I’m impressed. Ever since, I’ve been happy to add many of the fonts below into my design toolbox.

9 Great Google Web Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts

Open Sans Google Web Font

Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface that was commissioned by Google. With it’s open forms and simplicity, Open Sans is a great choice for any medium.

Roboto Google Web Font

Roboto is a sans-serif typeface that was originally introduced with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Google had Roboto designed in-house, and it features an impressive balance of geometric shapes and friendly, open cruves.

Droid Sans Google Web Font

Droid Sans was created by Ascender Corporation for Android and was licensed under the Apache License. The font was intended for small screens and mobile devices, and it features an open and neutral appearance. (Font was formerly on Google Fonts, but no longer appears to be. I’ve re-linked to download for free on Font Squirrel!)

Serif Fonts

Droid Serif Google Web Font

Droid Serif is part of the Droid font family created by Ascender Corporation for the Android platform. This font was designed for easy on-screen reading, featuring letters that are slightly condensed to maximize the amount of text that can be fit in a small area. (Font was formerly on Google Fonts, but no longer appears to be. I’ve re-linked to download for free on Font Squirrel!)

Bitter Google Web Font

Bitter is a contemporary slab serif typeface, designed by Sol Matas for comfortable reading on any device.

Volkhov Google Web Font

Volkhov is a robust serif typeface designed by Ivan Petrov. It was created with legibility in mind, balanced with a modern and contemporary style.

Script Fonts

Lobster Two Google Web Font

Lobster Two is a bold, condensed script font created by Pablo Impallari. It is unique in that it used the new Open Type to it’s advantage by creating multiple versions of each letter so that the ligatures combine beautifully. Learn more about Lobster here.

Cookie Google Web Font

Cookie is a script typeface that is reminiscent of 1950s style. It’s friendly but not overly decorative, making it simple and legible.

Oleo Script Google Web Font

Oleo Script is a non-connected script typeface perfect for captions, headlines, packaging, invitations, and more.

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