Ah, the beloved blog! As a runner of a small business website myself, I know just how daunting the prospect of blogging can sometimes be, and I 100% understand the inclination to forgo it entirely.

But today I hope you’ll hear me out!

I’ve had a good amount of success with having a blog on my own website, and I know many other business owners who I’ve nudged in the direction of opening up a blog who have also experienced fantastic results. To hopefully help persuade you to reconsider, here are five great reasons to give blogging for your small business website another chance.

Reason #1: Blogging can give your website a big SEO boost

One of the best ways to help boost your website’s organic SEO is to have a blog that you commit to keeping updated regularly: even a couple of posts per month can make a big difference. Your homepage and other integral pages of your site will likely only need updated every now and then, so a great way to constantly be adding in fresh content is through your blog. This new content gives the search engines reason to come back and crawl your site more frequently—which is a biggie in SEO!

A blog also tends to keep visitors on your site longer, it gives you a chance to really beef up your internal linking, it gives your audience the opportunity to link back to your site, and ultimately gives the number of pages on your site a big boost which can help give search engines a better and broader understanding of what your website is all about. All good things in the world of SEO!

Reason #2: Blogging allows you to get more personal with your audience

Since your site’s primary pages are a way to reel your audience in by striking on their pain points and how you can help solve them, you’re likely not getting super personal in this content. Think of your blog as a way to let your audience or prospects get a peek behind the curtain: what is it REALLY like working with you? What does your process look like? Have any case studies to share? What are you currently learning about? Struggling with? Achieving?

Your blog can be a great tool to show off the more personal side of your business and let your audience connect with the real person behind the website. A well constructed blog can let your audience get to know you—and in turn, trust you—on a much deeper level.

Reason #3: Blogging gives you a platform to share news, updates, offers, etc.

Do you have a new service offering you’re anxiously waiting to announce? Did you bring on a stellar new employee you’re dying to brag about? Offering a killer discount for a limited time? Your blog can be a great way to house this information. Of course you’ll want to share this on social media as well, but your blog can be the perfect landing page to house the finer details.

Reason #4: Blogging gives you a chance to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Your blog doesn’t just have to be a way to show off the behind the scenes of your business or case studies. You can also share new learnings and findings as they relate to your industry, as an excellent way to help build up your credibility and position yourself as a true expert.

Reason #5: Blogging gives you the opportunity to create content that is share-worthy

When you’re producing high quality content, there’s a good chance your audience will want to share it when they find it. This ultimately helps with your website traffic and helps to build up your brand as an expert in your industry.

I’m hopeful that this helps encourage you to consider setting up a blog for your small business website. Need help getting your blog up and running? Want to brainstorm some ideas for posts and content? Shoot me a message here—I’d love to help!