Whether I’m in the car, working out, or cooking dinner, there’s a pretty solid chance that I’m binging on episodes of my latest podcast addiction whenever I have an opportunity.

When I first started listening to podcasts, I totally fell victim to podcast overwhelm. SO MANY CHOICES, SO LITTLE TIME. I wanted to listen to them all and I wanted to learn everything.

5 Great Podcasts for Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Well, I soon realized I didn’t have time to listen to everything, so I finally settled into a handful of favorites that I listen to on a regular basis. Here are five of the best I’ve found for freelancers and small business owners alike. In these, you’ll find lots of great little nuggets of wisdom on topics like productivity, work-life balance, handling tricky business situations, and so much more.

Happy podcasting!

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you know me even just a little, you won’t be surprised that The Tim Ferriss Show is first on this list (I’m just a teensy bit obsessed with Tim’s work, the Four Hour Work Week book in particular). The Tim Ferriss Show is a podcast that features interviews with world-class performers in all sorts of areas—investing, sports, and business just to name a few—with the intent of teasing out their routines, habits, and more. Not only does Tim interview a wide array of incredible people, but he’s also an excellent interviewer, so the conversations are almost always very natural and candid. Listen Here

From Scratch

From Scratch is a podcast all about the entrepreneurial life and features interviews from the business world, the social sector, and the arts. These candid conversations almost always reveal interesting insights into the inspiration, setbacks, and turning points of well known companies and entrepreneurs including folks like Neil Blumenthal (co-founder, Warby Parker), Jake Burton (founder, Burton Snowboards), and Jack Dorsey (co-founder, Square and Twitter). Listen Here

The $100 MBA Show

The $100 MBA Show is magical for a lot of reasons, but what I love most is the length of the episodes; just a short ten minutes or so each. These easily digestible business lessons are delivered daily and are perfect for a quick work break or for plowing through a bunch during a long car ride. Listen Here

Seth Godin’s Startup School Podcast

This podcast is a little unlike the rest, as it wasn’t originally created in podcast format. It’s instead excerpts from a three day training session Seth held back in 2012 with a group of entrepreneurs just starting out on their journeys. Seth covers a lot of hard topics that nearly every entrepreneur will eventually need to grapple with, including the difference between being a freelancer and an entrepreneur, how to raise money, and the big problem of cash flow when you’re just starting out. Listen Here

1 Simple Thing

We all know that running a business while trying to maintain a successful social, family, and personal life can feel near impossible at times. That’s why I love the 1 Simple Thing podcast: this show gets it. And so rather than piling on a ton to your ever growing to-do list, it instead gives you one small action you can take today to make your life better. Listen Here