Free Mini E-course: 10 Days to a Crystal-Clear Website Strategy

Hiya, friends!

I wanted to put out a quick blog post today letting you know about a new, totally free mini e-course I juuuust hit the “publish” button on. I’m calling this bad boy 10 Days to a Crystal-Clear Website Strategy and my mission with it is to help you get yourself in tip-top shape before beginning your new website project.

Over the course of 10 days, I’ll be popping into your inbox daily to deep dive into your business, your goals, and how to wrap that all up into a killer web presence.

10 Days to a Crystal-Clear Website Strategy

Here’s a quick glimpse into each daily module, so you can see if this might be a good fit for you!

Day 1: Defining your target audience
In this email, I’ll take you through some questions to ask yourself in order to help get clarity on the target audience for your website.

Day 2: Creating a sitemap and navigation
In day 2, I’ll take you through the process of defining the structure for your new website, including creating a sitemap and building out a proper navigation menu.

Day 3: Determining a great primary headline and call-to-action
In this email, I’ll walk you through how to create a killer headline and CTA on your website’s homepage, and why this is such an important component.

Day 4: Creating client-attracting web content
In day 4, I’ll give you some of my tried-and-true tips and tricks for writing web copy your prospective customers will actually want to read.

Day 5: Collecting testimonials to help sell your product or service
In this email, I’ll talk to you about the importance of great client testimonials on your website, along with what actually makes a testimonial great and how to gather them when you’re just starting out.

Day 6: Determining your design direction and building a style guide
In day 6, I’ll take you through one of my favorite things ever: searching for design inspiration and building out a basic style guide for your website (using a free, easy to use template!).

Day 7: Picking out the best imagery for your website
In this email, I’ll talk to you about what makes great website imagery, and some tips on where to find images that speak to your audience when you’re on a tight budget.

Day 8: Creating a plan to keep your website fresh post-launch
In day 8, as we start to wrap things up, I’ll give you some pointers and ideas for keeping your website’s content fresh after you launch. Because a stale website can be just as bad as no website!

Day 9: Building your email list with a strategically placed and compelling opt-in
In this email, I’ll emphasize the importance of a strategically placed and intriguing opt-in offer and the impact it can have on growing your oh-so-important email list.

Day 10: Putting it all together
In day 10—the final day!—I’ll talk to you about how to put all of the pieces together and I’ll give you some tips for moving forward.

If you feel like this is something that might be helpful for your biz, I’d love for you to sign up and give it a try! Full disclosure: this is my very first attempt at an email training series, so I’d be humbled by your participation and honest feedback.

You can sign up using the little opt-in box below, or by visiting this page and entering your email.

If you have any questions prior to signing up, shoot me a quick email ( and let me know. I’m here for you!

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